A trully great Wearable device
LookBug. Watching your back...

Have you ever wondered what if you had eyes in your back.
Use at times when you are walking on a lonely street and wanted to know if someone is following you at close range. Use LookBug, a wearable device.


Simple design, one click config and clean UI
Never done before wearable device. Clip device on dress, belt, purse, collar and Arm mobile app, stay safe.

Safety Umbrella, BLE 4.0 ready.

Stays on you connected and keeps a watch. Power on LookBug, pair with mobile application.

BLE 4.0, or bluetooth 4.0 is a low power consumption device and a high range.

Simple Design. Compact device

Three settings with simple buttons to trigger the alerts.

Set distances to be alerted on intrusion.

Set the distance per your taste and location. This helps keeping false alarms out.

Immediate Alert.

Instantly get notified with a vibration and/or audible alarm.

Audible alarm will also sound when you have headphones and listening to music.

It can also interrupt you while you are on the phone or also using your headphones and listening to music and are not aware of anything behind you.

Clip and go

Switch on device, Open App, click connect, set alert category. You are protected.

Straightforward, click, arm and walk.

Safety on your phone as a never before device.

How do I LOOK.

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